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IIO & P, Volume 2, May 2020

IIO & P, Volume 1, February 2020

David Hartell


Integrated Intelligent Operations & Production




Energy Industry

Asset Management

Onshore & Offshore


Processing Plants, Offshore Platforms, 

Pipelines, Floating and Subsea Facilities, 

Nearshore and Onshore LNG,

Renewables / Microgrids,

Remote Facilities

Integrated Intelligent Operations & Production

Digital Transformation for Facility Assets

Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Control

Data, Process, and Physical Digital Twins


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Industrial Talk Podcast:  Benefits of Digital Twins

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Thanks to Scott MacKenzie, Industrial Talk, and Bonnie Gordon, Industrial Internet Consortium, for the opportunity to participate in this podcast.

Be sure to remember the IOT Solutions World Congress, Barcelona from 11-13 May 2021

To access a copy of my publication on IIO & P for Oil & Gas Developments

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To access a copy of my publication on IIO & P for Remote Facility Developments 

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IIO&P,  Vol 1,  February 2020

IIO&P,  Vol 2, May 2020

Integrated Intelligent Operations & Production

Over the past 10+ years I have helped develop Integrated Intelligent Operations & Production (IIO & P) strategies and plans for remote production facilities in Northwest Australia, South Atlantic, and Africa.   I helped prepare Reliability, Operability, and Maintainability focused strategies for remote monitoring and diagnostics, data analytics, and integrated production management systems for subsurface assets, subsea facilities, and surface facilities for both onshore and offshore development facilities.  

As a result of this experience I decided to write a series of weekly blogs for LinkedIn to talk about this subject.  Periodically collated into Online Books, hopefully this information will help potential users, especially owners and operators, to better understand the digital transformation technologies, tools, and workflows available to help operate more safely and 

capture more value through Integrated Intelligent Operations and Production of our development assets. 

There are a lot of good companies, contractors, consultants, and suppliers who can help provide these technologies and tools.

Energy Industry Asset Management

Assets need to be properly managed from Acquisition to Development to Production.  Getting the right input at the right time will help capture significant value throughout the asset life cycle.

Comments and Input from LinkedIn

Always enjoy reading your blogs David - always thoughtful and informative. Thank you.

Marine Engineer

It's been a great series!

Global Emerging Solutions Lead, Digital & Technology

Perspective of end user's operating team is the key for success of any #digitaltransformation exercise

Senior Manager

Another great set of insights!  Thank you for sharing.  Digital Twin technology can contribute with all project stages.

VP Projects and Delivery

Great insight as usual.  Thanks for sharing.

Chief Executive Officer

I had not expected to see the Flawless Start-Up graph ever again. The key remark is that FSI is a culture. A drive to manage all known threats to your start-up in a structured manner. A lot of work where most senior leaders stated "but it is the responsibility of the contractor". They never realised that they, not the contractor, paid for the production loss.

Principal Operations Readiness Engineer

100% agree with "people and culture" [challenge] and that we already do have most of these things [data] but just let them go up the "data chimney"

Operations Readiness / Commissioning and Start-up Manager